Step 1

Download the Silence app Silence
Available on Google Play
and the App Store.

Available for

download SILENCE APP

Step 2

Connect your S01 to your Silence APP profile.
Register your S01 in the app using the QR code associated with your scooter’s chassis.
Make sure you have GPRS/3G coverage on the mobile and the scooter.

Step 3

Authorise or give permission to the app to switch Bluetooth on.
Check all the functions: start your scooter with the app, put your phone in the holder and ride.
* If you close the session, when you open the APP, it will ask to start pairing again. It is recommended not to close the session if you use the APP regularly.
* For the APP to work correctly, make sure you always have Bluetooth activated within the APP. You can find it in: User – Manage your account – Preferences.

app Silence


app Silence
Silence electric
vehicles come
already connected
to the
Silence app.
Find your scooter with the app, you’ll know where your S01 Silence electric scooter is all the time.
Keep an eye on your silence at all timess
witch your S01 on and off with the app:
Remotely, by pressing the centre button.
soon: Power by shake. You can switch the scooter on by shaking the mobile with the APP open in front of the scooter
Open the seat automatically under the seat there is a safety lever to release or latch the battery.
Check the status of your scooter and battery you can see the SoC (state of charge) for your battery and get alerts on the temperature of the vehicle and other important elements, any time.
Plan your route put your destination into the app and it will create the best route, giving you information on estimated time and kilometres, to make sure the battery charge is optimal to get you where you’re going.
Find out your carbon footprint you’ll get statistics on the CO2 saved on each of your journeys.
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