Quality Policy

Auto Sales LTD - Quality Policy

It is the company aim that the name of Auto Sales should always be linked with Excellence. Therefore, it is the company policy to:
  • Maintain a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and which ASL will continually seek to improve.
  • Comply with the local regulatory requirements and requirements of the company Principals including the Renault Fundamentals and Criteria, the Mercedes and Fuso Standards and the smart standards (BER Regulations).
  • Continually conform to local statutory requirements including health and safety and data protection together with their related applicable legal notices.
Auto Sales understands that quality is the foundation of the company and hence seeks recognition from:
  • Customers throughout Malta and Gozo for excellent standard of service.
  • Principals as their exemplary European Distributor.
  • Staff and those whom the company seek to attract as an excellent employer.
It is also the company objective to ensure that colleagues in other departments are treated as our customers.
All employees within Auto Sales Ltd share a common goal; to achieve maximum Customer and Principal satisfaction through our services.
Auto Sales Ltd employees understand and are fully committed to put this Policy into practice.

    Quality policy

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