The Dacia brand was launched end of October 2012 with the sneak preview of the Dacia Duster model. The brand claims of Dacia are simplicity and functionality and it seems they have come up with a winning formula. Dacia is the fastest growing brand in Europe for these past eight years. It has been voted first in reliability in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Belgium and ranked second in Germany.

Tests of Dacia Duster have covered over 4 million kilometers which may explain its outstanding success in the reliability stakes. Another valid point to mention is that the UK market has already received 1000 pre launch orders in a two month period. 

Below please find local articles about the Dacia Duster in Malta:

Beginning of February 2013 Auto Sales Limited - Kind's will be launching the Dacia Sandero.


Have a look at the available list of standard and optional items:

Dacia Duster Access 1.6 Petrol
Dacia Duster Prestige 1.5 Diesel
Dacia Sandero Prestige
Dacia Sandero AMB

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